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  Starting in the 1980s with Dow Jones Telerate, an interbank trading data and platform company, then with two large Wall Street firms; finally, 19 years ago, as a fee-only registered investment adviser.


  The role of the Investment Adviser is ideal because it removes the conflict of commissions, quotas, and other annoyances that get in the way of protecting and growing your investments. 

  Along the way I have learned the ways professionals enter and exit trades; and the tools that help indicate when markets are being accumulated or being quietly sold off.  Protecting your money also means using the right structure to minimize the effects of taxes and lengthy probate.  Who knows, wins; and taxes usually defaults to the worst possible case unless you know how to prevent it.


  In your life you have heard numerous pitches why you should invest this way or the other.  The part that is usually glossed over is, "that sounds great, but could I have lived through that?"   Portfolio Income Advisers strongly feels that you should not have to ride out a market crash.  We try to limit your downside risk.  It is better to leave the party a little early than too late.  And, while you are there, you need to get paid.


  The securities we select can be sold in seconds.  That is one reason why we do not use mutual funds or packaged products.  Hidden fees and delays in liquidation benefit Wall Street, not you.


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